We are husband and wife and began Velvet Lotus Photography together in 2011. We had love at first sight and were engaged less than five weeks after we met. We are proud parents of three amazing children and our puppy. While we have always enjoyed photography, our passions for it began to blossom after our first child was born. After our second child was born, we took everything to a new level and began offering our vision to others. While each child we have has been a surprise, each one is loved and hugged every day. Each holds a special place in our hearts. We live our lives for and through each other and our children. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us and we cannot wait to be a part of your special times!

Chris was born in 1977 and has lived most of his life in Indiana. In addition to photography, his passion lie in photography and computers. His favorite foods are sushi, pizza, BBQ, and chocolate chip cookies. He loves a great wheat beer or a nice glass of sweet white wine. His favorite video games involve Mario and Zelda. He has been skydiving, visited the Grand Canyon, and loves riding a motorcycle. He is also a web developer. While always a Hoosier, after graduating from Purdue he will always be, first and foremost, a Boilermaker.

Chris's favorite things to photograph are seniors, weddings, engagements, and his children.

Chris also leads photography workshops on photography basics, editing, and workflow. He also does editing and retouching for other photographers and is actively involved in communities created to educate other photographers world wide. Contact him for more information on his workshops.

Deckard Family

Stephanie was born in 1982 in Ohio and lived in Alabama and Mississippi before settling in Indiana after college. She has studied photography since high school and uses imagery throughout her daily life. Also a professional singer, Stephanie has been a vocalist for numerous choral pieces and was backup singer for George Benson and The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. Her favorite foods are sushi, nachos, and chocolate. She enjoys Stella Artois and sweet wines. She enjoys everything life has to offer and carries a smile on her face from even the simplest of things.

Stephanie's favorite things to photograph are newborns, families, boudoir, and her children.

Stephanie is also a LuLaRoe consultant and offers a fresh and unique vision for selling one of fastest growing womens' and girls' clothing products. Learn more in her LuLaRoe Boutique Facebook Group.

Chris and Stephanie Photos copyright Nicole Speer Photography. Used with permission.