Kylie’s Cake Smash – The Big 30!

Kylie Cake Smash

Happy birthday Kylie! We hope your 30th was amazing! We know your cake smash in the studio was!

It’s not too often you have a client that you have known literally her entire life. Kylie was born April 24th, 1989. She’s my (Chris) 2nd cousin, if you want to get specific. Our family always gets together for the big things. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving holidays are staples in our family. We always have a big turnout. But of all my cousins, Kylie is the one I text or talk to most. We are a whole generation apart, but probably the closest of the grandkids in my family. And to our kids, she is “Cousin Pickles.”  I still don’t understand where that came from, but they are always so excited to see her!

I still remember when we would visit Bacia and Dzia dzia (our grandma and grandpa) and how this little girl would play with us a bug us. But in a good way! Haha! We always stole her room, which I think annoyed her a bunch.

We’ve been there for the last 10 years as we’ve watched her put herself through school, take on many different jobs, and now leaving the comfort of Indiana to take her career to the next level by moving to Chicago. It’s really incredible to see how happy she has become.

Kylie came to visit our boutique a little over a month ago and we were sitting there chatting about all the big changes coming and we got on the topic of her birthday coming up. I just knew we had to do something amazing and have a big cake smash for her. We did a few photos in the street and then it was finally that time to get down and messy! Enjoy the photos below!

We are so proud of you, Kylie! We can’t wait to see what all you accomplish!

Cake artistry by: Scones and Doilies