El Dorado Wedding Styled Shoot with Jewel Cole

Christine and Jackson, El Dorado Wedding Styled Shoot

This wedding styled shoot took place at the El Dorado Dry Lake bed outside of Las Vegas, NV. It was unlike any place I’ve been to. The El Dorado Valley basin is surrounded by mountains on the sides and is in the Mojave Desert. The ground is cracked from being so dry. It creates such an interesting texture everywhere. The mountains almost look a little purple in the distance and there is a slight haze everywhere you look. It’s truly magnificent.

Attending a styled shoot is one thing I have wanted to do for a long time. I’ve been a photographer for 10 years now and there are still things that are new, and sometimes scary, for me to experience and do. One of those things is to attend styled shoot along with other photographers.. I feel very confident in our work, but I’m only ever working around our amazing clients, not other photographers. So I took a chance when my friend pointed me to a styled shoot while we were at WPPI. It was also my first time attending WPPI as well, but I’ll write about that later.

Jewel Cole is a photographer out of Texas and she hosted the styled shoot. Christine and Jackson were our bride and groom models. Jewel’s husband officiated and built a simple arbor and it was decorated with beautiful flower arrangements. We took advantage of all different lighting scenarios, of course the best were right at sunset. Below are some of my favorites from this wedding styled shoot. I can’t wait to go back sometime and visit these areas again.

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Jackie and Paul – May 31, 2019 – Allure on the Lake, Chesterton, IN

“I’ll be there for you…”

To say that we were destined to photograph Jackie and Paul’s wedding would be an understatement. Jackie and Paul met on match.com… so did we. They had sushi on their first date… so did we. They adore Friends (real life friends and the TV show) and… so do we! A long story short and it brought us to their gorgeous wedding at Allure on the Lake in Chesterton, IN.

Their wedding day was full of personal little details including an engraved padlock which has become tradition to lock and leave on the patio fence. Their lock is now placed with all the others who have come before them in a very special tradition.

Colors and Decor

Jackie chose the perfect venue for their wedding. Allure has a great subtle classic look that can be transformed and works with any color. The bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers gave the perfect pop of color against the grey toned walls and floors of the venue.

Paul is quite talented! He made the altar used during the wedding. He also made the ring box, and many of the other decorations. Together they decorated everything the perfect amount.

A Personal Connection

We have a great personal connection to this family. Chris went to college with the Paul’s brother and sister-in-law and they have been friends for over 20 years. To say exactly how many would date us and we won’t go into those specifics. Paul also went to Purdue University and many of his fellow Boilermakers were at the wedding with them to celebrate.

At sunset we took them out for a few more photos by the pond and gazebo. The light was absolutely perfect and they had an amazing few minutes to themselves.

We are so excited for Jackie and Paul and we can tell that their love for each other, and their passion for Friends, will help them enjoy life together forever.

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Chelsea and Zach – November 3, 2018 – The Trails – Lafayette, IN

It has been so great working with Chelsea and Zach! Their engagement session on the streets of Lafayette was really awesome. They were one of the first to be photographed in our new studio as well, and were totally patient and understanding with our big mess. The great thing is we were able to finish up our new studio and Chelsea was able to be our first bride to use the space to get ready in.

I just knew their wedding day was going to be incredible. When Chelsea showed me a photo of her dress, my jaw dropped! It was so stunning! I love all of the colors they chose and their decor was beautiful! The family came together to create the decor, florals, and the cake. A storm had come through the area a month before and destroyed the arbor at The Trails. Chelsea’s grandpa saved the day, building an entire new one from scratch.

We’re so excited to share some (well, a bunch really) of our favorites from this gorgeous fall day!

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Lindsey and George – July 7, 2018 – Redeemer Lutheran Church, RatPak Venue – Lafayette, IN

Things happen for a reason. In the fall of 2017 I was looking for a venue for a special event I organize in Lafayette, called Help Portrait, when I asked my friend Nick at the Rat Pak Venue if his new venue was available. He graciously let us use his space for our event in exchange for me taking photos of his renovation scheduled at the end of the year. And wow, what a transformation he made! Not only did he let us use his space, but he let me tag along in his booth at the Midwest Rentals Bridal Affair, as well as at his open house that night.

It was at RatPak that evening that I met Lindsey and George who were touring the newly renovated space, along with their parents. I had some canvases and albums out, and Lindsey stopped by and started talking to me about our work. I distinctly remember Lindsey saying, “I just love your color, it’s real.” It was that moment I knew we had to work with each other, no matter what, and my dream came true.

Working with these two has been so incredible. Their “real color” is love. Everything they do is love. They balance each other. They are both educators. He’s the planner, she’s the artist. He’s caring, she’s fun. He’s silly, she’s sweet. The words they use to describe each other… and everything I see is their love.

A humongous congratulations to you two! Your wedding day was incredible! Your families were so gracious. You two are amazing!

P.S. Make sure you scroll down to the ring bearer! Epic dancer!

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Sarah and Ryan – June 16, 2018 – Purdue Memorial Union, Purdue University

Sarah and Ryan, what an amazing day! Everything was so gorgeous! The time you put into planning your wedding day was well worth it. All of the detail, all of the beauty. I don’t think anything could have been any more incredible!

We so loved being with you and your wedding party! All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were so fun. We could really tell how much they all love you, and that’s so special. All of your special additions to your day were so sweet. We had never seen a caricature artist at any of our weddings! And the dog treats for your guests’ fur babies was too sweet! We were just honored to spend your day with you and your lovely friends and family. Congratulations to you guys!!!

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Avery and Wes – May 19, 2018 – Arborwood, Frankfort, IN

Sometimes you just know when you meet a couple planning their wedding that there is just something special there. Avery and Wes have been so amazing to work with! They both have truly genuine character and have treated us like family. Avery and her mom, Kathy, planned a gorgeous day at Arborwood with a wedding on the patio, a full dining room of their favorite guests, and a traditional grog to share with everyone.

Avery and Wes’s wedding day was incredible! They always say a little bit of rain on the wedding day is good luck. We certainly had more than a little rain, but the skies cleared just in time to get everything dried off, the sun came out, and everything turned out like a dream.

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McCaela and Jake – October 7, 2017 – FinkBiner Gala Barn, Veedersburg, IN

I had the pleasure of spending another wedding day with McCaela and Jake. I first met them at Jake’s brother’s wedding last fall. When they asked me if I was available to photograph their wedding as well, I couldn’t pass it up. Such amazing people in this family and I’m truly blessed to have spent another day with them.

This day is certainly memorable, and you’ll see in the photos below. All week it was predicted that rain would start during the ceremony and we would have no outdoor time. We reworked the schedule as best we could to accommodate the weather and added a first look. Even the day of, the forecast kept changing and, despite the intense wind all day, it looked like the storm was going to hold off just long enough for us to get all of our photos in. We finished up just as the storm came in.

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Kayla and Josh – July 1, 2017 – Duneland Falls – Chesterton, IN

Kayla and Josh Wedding - Duneland Falls - Chesterton, IN

It was a complete honor to photograph Kayla and Josh’s wedding! Kayla’s son is my nephew and we have always considered her a part of our extended family. So last year when she asked if we were available, I was absolutely thrilled! Their wedding day was amazing! Perfect weather, amazing people, and such great and loving family and friends! We even got to enjoy some sunset time near the end.

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