Family photo with all of the kids and our puppy

I was born in 1977 and have lived most of my life in Indiana. In addition to photography, my passions lie in cooking and computers. My favorite foods are sushi, pizza, BBQ, and chocolate chip cookies. I love sour and wheat beers or a pour of nice bourbon. My favorite video games involve Mario and Zelda and I have an amazing Mario tattoo on my arm. I have been skydiving, visited the Grand Canyon, and love riding a motorcycle. I am also a web developer. While always a Hoosier, after graduating from Purdue I will always be, first and foremost, a Boilermaker.

Kendron, Annisten, and Leo are my most absolute favorite loves in the world! I am so proud of them all!

My favorite things to photograph are seniors, weddings, engagements, and my children.

I also lead photography workshops on photography basics, editing, and workflow. I also do editing and retouching for other photographers and I'm actively involved in communities created to educate other photographers world wide. Contact me for more information on his workshops.

Deckard Family