This one's mostly going to be for all of our photographer friends out there. We are happy to share a list of all the gear we use from various places. Sometimes when you see someone's work you wonder what they used to make that. While this won't be that kind of descriptive information, it'll at least show you what gear we love to use on the regular and what we use for creative photos on occasion. There are so many other wonderful vendors, especially prop vendors, that we may miss. Note: All the links on this page will open a new window to our affiliate sites so you can easily come back to this list. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

We primarily shoot with Sony professional cameras and lenses, but there's a few great 3rd party lenses that we love using. We use Fuji for video and as secondary cameras for photo. We still keep quite a bit of Canon gear around because it's very good and useful.

Sony - for photography

Sony - additional gear we like, want, or that fits a lower budget

Canon - for photography

Memory Cards

Depending on the size and budget I recommend a few different cards. For the best performance, especially with 4K video, we recommend SanDisk Extreme Pro. But if you're on a budget and need a few cards, we recommend Transcend. They are extremely reliable. We have been using them for seven years with never an issue.

Batteries and Power

With batteries I highly recommend name brand. They typically have a higher capacity and over the life of the battery retain a maximum charge longer. But for the money 3rd party batteries can get you by for sure. Over the life of the batteries you'll likely spend the same amount.

Computers and Storage